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There are some voices in the world I could listen to forever, and to that list I must now add BJ Harrison. I enjoy a good story telling very much, however, the time I get to hear any are now so few and far between that I gave up hope of ever hearing another decent one again. Thank you so much for introducing me to the classics all over again. It’s truly touching to know that some out there still know that at heart, we are all still hungry for a harrowing tale of adventure, a mystery that stumps us until the very end, or a spine tingling tale that might just make you unpack the night light.

- Memoir

I’m always impressed when someone takes their huge talent and a large chunk of their time and gives it away for free. B.J. Harrison has a beautiful voice and does a wonderful job of bringing to life all the characters in these classic stories. Some I’ve heard, some are new to me, but they are all wonderful. Thank you for upping the turn-out to once a week! This is right up there with Wait-wait and This American Life on my list of the podcasts I most look forward to every week. You will not be disappointed!

- Cecilia Libra